Quality and Reliability

Many years of experience guarantees that complex customer requirements are reliably processed.

Using the most modern software we construct the components in 3D technique. This enables a direct transfer to the tool construction. Our own prototype production according to given construction drawings allows us to considerably shorten the development phase.

Years of development experience in our company is complemented by a continuous upgrading to maintain a current level of technology. Investments in the most current analysis software are required to guarantee a detailed progressive development of our loudspeakers.

The T/S parameters and also the electromechanical parameters are set with the Klippel measuring system. Weak points in the moving parts can be located with great precision.

In the anechoice room we perform frequency response measurements beginning with 120 Hz as well as distortion factor measurements.

The acoustical examination of the newly developed loudspeakers is an additional important element for the analysis of the new product. To guarantee an excellent sound quality of the new loudspeaker is one of our most important goals.

Customer Projects

for E 39, E60, E90 and F we developed and produced a premium sound system


Rolls Royce
Development and production of sound system for the new Rolls Royce Wraith




Advance development based on the “Signum” vehicle


Bang & Olufsen


Evo Bus
Development and production of an exciter for a bin sound system to prevent vandalism damage


Development and production of an upgrade sound system for the “Golf V” and the “Passat”


Development and production of home HIFI loudspeaker boxes and a home cinema system

General Projects

House-own developments are pushed forward, for example the improvement of directivity patterns. Possible solution methods that lead to a patent. Major responsibilities are also in the field of sound adjustments, both passive and active.

Sample construction is part of the development department and contributes to rapid solution methods. From the construction to the implementation of tools for series production the sample construction department contributes heavily to the development performance.

Software / Hardware

The newest measurement systems are used to improve the electro acoustic transducers; but also passive systems are indispensable analysis tools.

 Our dead room serves the measurement of the frequency response and of the distortion factor for a variety of driver systems. It allows measurements starting with approximately 120 Hz.

An installation room is available to equip vehicles with our recently developed sound systems. Measurements in the vehicle are taken with a mobile measuring system.

 3D software, mainly Solid Works, is used for the construction. The attachment to CATIA V5 is accomplished by external partners.